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Crack the Clinical Burden of Solid Tumors with Safe, Efficacious, and Potent
Cell Immunotherapies

Turning cold tumors hot by unravelling the biology of the tumor microenvironment is critical to the success of cell immunotherapies. Showcasing the advances in the pursuit of clean targets, arming against the tumor microenvironment, and advancing cell trafficking strategies, the Cell Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors Summit is your must-attend meeting to advance your clinical pipeline to success. 

Returning for the 2nd year due to popular demand, this industry-focused meeting provided cutting-edge advances across CAR-T, TCR, NK and macrophage cell therapies, to enhance your understanding of how these cells interact in the tumor microenvironment and their potential for combination treatments. 

As the only summit to solely address the challenges specific to solid tumors, this comprehensive forum had learnings of novel gene engineering strategies to improve killingtargeting approaches to overcome off-tumor toxicity and safety riskscombination with radiotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors to improve potency, and review clinical trial results to understand how these therapies modulate the tumor microenvironment in patients

Over 100+ drug developers joined in November to network, collaborate and deliver on the potential of cell therapies to provide hope to the masses of patients without a cure.