The Next Frontier for Cell Immunotherapies is Solid Tumors

90% of all cancers arise from solid tumors, yet extremely little efficacy has been shown with cellular immunotherapies, despite their curative success in liquid tumors. Therefore, the time has come to invest in uncovering the nuances of solid tumor biology, to improve understanding of the tumor microenvironment and combat cell therapies with arming and combination approaches to tackle this huge unmet need.

Join the first digital forum to host industry and academic experts including Immatics, GSK, and the University of Pennsylvania who are pioneering research in the solid tumor space. Divulge strategies to improve tumor access, enhance cell persistence, identify safe targets, and overcome the immunosuppressive nature of the tumor microenvironment in preclinical and clinical settings.

This unique, virtual forum will provide you with exclusive learning and networking opportunities with senior decision makers, equipping you with a deeper understanding of the discovery, preclinical and clinical landscape of cellular immunotherapies for solid tumors.

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This meeting is increasingly becoming the venue for significant breaking news in the field"

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This conference continues to bring together thought leaders, with real-world experiences who are willing to share their learnings to continue to accelerate and advance the field for patients

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