Welcome to the Cell Immunotherapy for Solid Tumors Summit

Patients with solid tumors are still desperate for curative therapy but achieving efficacy and ensuring safety is still a huge challenge for cell immunotherapy field.  

Given this huge unmet need, it is critical to come together as a cell therapy community to share lessons learned, novel strategies and clinical results to accelerate the translation of effective, safe, and potent cell therapies for solid tumors.  

Key Discussions from this 3-Day Digital Forum:  

  • Discover the key characteristics limiting immunogenicity in the hostile tumor microenvironment to influence new gene engineering and combination approaches with Carisma Therapeutics and Elevate Bio 
  • Unveil novel targeting strategies to improve control and overcome off-tumor targeting safety risks with Kiromics and Triumvira 
  • Assess cutting edge construct design to arm cells to traffic to the tumor sites, through cytokine engineering and cell programming with Refuge Biotech and Medigene 
  • Consider combination approaches with vaccines, radiotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors with BioNTech and Immunicum 
  • Review clinical trial results and trial design strategy to address solid tumor complexities with GSK and Takeda