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Are you actively looking to partner with pharma, biotech and academic institutes who are developing cellular immunotherapies on 2021?

The cell therapy community are actively seeking partners to help them accelerate the development of their therapies into the clinic.

These developers are specifically looking for partners who are experienced in working with solid tumors, given the increased difficulty the tumor microenvironment poses on the success of cell therapies.

Play a key role in delivering this revolutionary technology and help the industry overcome the increasing challenges face when:

  • Mapping the immune landscape
  • Understanding the immunosuppressive nature of the
    tumor microenvironment
  • Identifying novel targets
  • Testing for safety and efficacy in translatable
    preclinical models

This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your technology, expertise and capacity to meet the increasing demands of this field and become a part of the next Tailored Opportunities Include: generation of cell therapies.

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