Daniel Powell

Daniel Powell

Company: University of Pennsylvania

Job title: Associate Professor, Director, Cellular Therapy Tissue Facility


The Powell Lab is actively investigating the application of immune-based therapy for cancer. Building on interrogations in basic T cell biology in the lab, bench-to-bedside translational immunology is being developed, with a strong focus on T cell-based therapy for ovarian cancer. 
One obstacle to successful immunotherapy is the lack of highly avid, tumor-reactive T cells in multiple cancers. One current focus of the Powell lab is to generate/isolate high avidity, tumor-reactive T cells from heterogenous tumor infiltrating lymphocyte populations in traditionally “non-immunogenic” cancers utilizing novel culture conditions and T cell capture techniques. This in turn will permit downstream studies of T cell receptor (TCR) isolation, cancer antigen identification and molecular characterization of naturally occurring tumor-reactive T cells in human cancer. 


Live Q&A with Your Expert Speakers 1:35 pm

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Tumor-Associated Macrophages – The Key to the Solid Tumor 1:10 pm

Analyze the potential of macrophages with their inherent ability to actively traffic and thrive in abundance in the tumor microenvironment Review innovative methods to convert them from immune-suppressive to pro-inflammatory Explore the interaction of these immunosuppressive cells on cell therapyRead more

day: Day One

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