9.30 am  – 4.30 pm (EST) | 6.30 am – 1.30 pm (PST)

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9:30 am | Coffee Networking Session

9:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Clinical Trial Case Studies

10:00 am Correlative Analysis to Assess Modulation to the Tumor Microenvironment

  • Aiman Shalabi VP, Medicines Development Leader, Cell and Gene Therapies, GSK


  • Review biopsy material pre and post treatment to analyse the changes in the tumor microenvironment caused by the cell therapy
  • Outline trafficking activity of the cells to the tumor site and understand if they are functioning when in the TME
  • Assessing efficacy and safety data

10:30 am Clinical Success of the Iovance TIL Technology Platform in Solid Tumors


• Highlight advantages of polyclonal TIL MOA for solid tumors
• Review positive clinical data for TIL in metastatic melanoma and other solid tumor types
• Explore next-generation approaches: combinations and genetically modified TIL

Solid Tumor Clinical Development Strategies

11:00 am Current Status of Clinical Trial Strategies for Solid Tumors

  • Tanja Obradovic Senior Scientific Director, Cell Therapy/ Redirected Immunity, Takeda


  • Review the cell therapy clinical trials distribution in various solid tumors and by clinical trial phases
  • Understand how cell therapy treatments align with current lines of therapy in solid tumours
  • Review patient population characteristics and exclusion criteria
  • Dosing schedules and tactics to optimize cell therapy delivery

11:30 am

Speed Networking and Refreshment Break


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Roundtable Discussion Session

12:30 pm  Join your colleagues for a collaborative and dynamic discussion session on the following…

Preparative Regimen to Not Only Create Space for the Cell Therapy, but to Address the Tumor Microenvironment

  • Preconditioning strategies to alter the immunosuppressive environment of the host to help the infused cells function well in the solid tumor environment
  • Strategies to curb the hostile microenvironment prior to infusion
  • Preconditioning combination approaches with chemotherapy, antibodies and cytokines, to prepare the tumor site to create a more hospitable environment, greater cell expansion and efficacy

Delivery Route of Administration to Improve Trafficking and Tumor Penetration

1:00 pm Phase I Evaluation of T4 CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Locally Advanced/Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer

  • John Maher CSO, Leucid Bio, & Senior Lecturer in Immunology Kings College London


  •  T4 immunotherapy consists of autologous T-cells that co- express a Pan-ErbB targeted CAR (T1E28z) and an IL-4 responsive chimeric cytokine receptor, 4ab
  • Cell products are manufactured from a blood draw in a 2 week closed GMP process, using IL-4 to drive expansion of transduced cells
  • Sixteen patients have received intra-tumoural T4 CAR T-cells at doses of up to 1 billion cells, without any dose-limiting toxicities and attainment of stable disease in 10 cases

1:30 pm | Lunch Refreshments and Networking

Combination Approaches to Conquer Solid Tumors

2:30 pm A Phase I/IIa Trial to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of CLDN6 CAR-T and CARVac Based In Vivo Expansion to Improve Treatment of Patients with CLDN6-Positive Advanced Solid Tumors


  • Preliminary Ph1 data on FIH trial with CLDN6-CART +/- CARVac incl. safety, PK/PD and efficacy data
  • Focus on combination with CARVac for in vivo expansion of CLDN6-CART
  • Update on exploratory biomarker program

3:00 pm SIRPa-Deficient Macrophage Combination Against Solid Tumor

  • Yuan Liu Professor, Immunology & Cell Biology, Georgia State University


  • Intratumoral SIRPa-deficient macrophage combined with local radiotherapy eliminate late-stage colorectal and pancreatic cancers
  • Induce robust activation of tumor-specific T cells for cytotoxicity
  • Reprogram TME into a proinflammatory cancer-killing niche

3:30 pm Ilixadencel – an Allogeneic Cell-Based Anticancer Immune Primer for Intratumoral Administration


  • Proposed mode of action
  • Preclinical in vivo data in combination with anti-VEGF antibodies and checkpoint inhibitors
  • Clinical data from a randomized phase 2 study in mRCC in combination with sunitinib (VEGFR-TKI) leading to Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designation by FDA

Early Manufacturing Considerations for Solid Tumors

4:00 pm iPSC-Derived NK cell (iNK) Iterations and NK Engagers to Target and Kill Solid Tumors


• Potential of iNK as therapeutics
• Potential role and synergy of NKp46 engagement

4:30 pm GEN-011 PLANET Process: A Robust and Rapidly Scalable Manufacturing Process to Generate Neoantigen-targeted Peripheral T cells (NPTs)

  • Manish Jain Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Manufacturing, Genocea


– GEN-011 is an autologous, neoantigen-specific T cell therapy for the treatment of solid tumors
– GEN-011 is produced by the PLANET manufacturing process
– Review strategies and considerations to overcome manufacturing challenges associated with personalized therapy


5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks